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NOVASEN Co., Ltd founded in 2004 as a Research and Development Company
based on the Technic of Eddy Current Sensor.
Through the steady R&D about Sensors and Measuring Equipment,
NOVASEN has increased its ability in this Research field.
NOVASEN succeeded in providing special instruments for surveillance in the automation line

(metal detectors, checkWeigher, etc.),
 as well as in the fields of shipbuilding, marine plants and power plant facilities
(displacement sensors, vibration sensors, pressure sensors, etc.)
NOVASEN become a domestic leader in Research and Development of abnormal system’s 

Condition Monitoring Systems and other control devices,
 as further target NOVASEN aims to be a global leader
 in Research and Development of new Sensing & Monitoring technologies.

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2004.03  Establishment of NOVASEN Co., Ltd.
2007.10  Development of Eddy Current Sensor(ECS)
2009.02  Supply of Trans Porter DAQ facility to Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
2010.01  Development of digital Metal Detector applied ECS
2011.06  “Metal detector with Manager functions” <  Patent : 10-2011-0057171 >
2011.09  Obtain certification of BUSAN TECHNOPARK’s Partner Company
2012.02  Development of digital CheckWeigher
2012.06  Development of Metal Sorting equipment using ECS method
2012.08  Development of Loadcell aided by Eddy Current Damping(ECD) system
2013.02  High-speed Weight sorting equipment using ECD type Loadcell
2013.07  Obtain certification of Venture Company < 20130107053 >
2013.07  Defined recognized Research Institute < 2013113307 >
2013.08  Development of Pressure Sensor utilized High-temperature & high-response environment
2014.10  Recommendation of R&D Company from Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd
2014.11  Development of Vibration Sensor and Monitoring System for high-speed rotating shaft
2014.11  “High response type Vibration Sensor for super high-speed rotating shaft”< Patent :10-2014-0167794 >
2015.06  “Pressure Sensor using eddy current” < Patent : 10-2015-0084137 >
2016.10  “High Sensitivity Metal Detecting apparatus with Noise immunity < Patent : PCT/KR2017/006077 >
2017.08  “Highly Sensitive Checkweigher including a Linear Actuator with a Built-in Damper Function and Operating Method Thereof  < Patent:2017-0107754 >
2017.09  “Apparatus and Method for Linearizing Sensor Output in Sensor Data Processing System < Patent:2017-0126492 >
2017.09  “Apparatus and Method for Automatic Setting Using Measurement of Electrical Impedance in Sensor Data Processing System < Patent:2017-0126514 >

(Modeling of Eddy Current Sensor using Geometric & Electromagnetic data)

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